Energy crisis: Lights to be dimmed at the Grand Place in Brussels

Energy crisis: Lights to be dimmed at the Grand Place in Brussels
Grand Place in Brussels at night. Credit: The Brussels Times

The Brussels municipal council has decided to beef up the reduced energy regime decided in March, extending it to all buildings in the city centre.

Under the system, some of the lighting on the Grand-Place along with that of buildings and monuments owned by the City of Brussels, will be turned off at 11 p.m.

The new set point temperatures for public buildings during the heating season will now vary according to their use.

It will be 18°C in offices during working hours, and 16°C at night or when the duration of vacancy is equal to or greater than 24h and less than 48h. In workshops and workplaces with average physical workload, it will be 15°.

In schools, the temperatures will vary between 22°C in shower rooms, 19° in occupied classrooms, 15° in gymnasiums and 14° in corridors and open spaces.

In nurseries, it will be 20° during the period of occupancy and 16° when unoccupied.

In theatres, temperatures will vary between 18° when occupied and 16° when unoccupied, while museums will be kept permanently at 18° to allow the conservation of works.

Swimming pools and other sports facilities will not be forgotten.

The heating season will be reduced as much as possible. Heating will start this year after an average indoor temperature below 18° is registered for 3 days.

This new regime will be applied immediately in all buildings whose heating is remotely controlled. It will also be applied in buildings with decentralised control, subject to the time required to implement the measures.

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