Belgian preacher beheaded in Syria

Belgian preacher beheaded in Syria

Belgian preacher,  Iliass Azaouaj ,  whose death was recently announced in Syria, was beheaded by the soldiers of the Islamic State (EI).  Several media networks reported on Monday that he was suspected of collaborating with Belgian and Moroccan information services.  Iliass Azaouaj was not unknown to authorities. Last year, he appeared in a photo alongside former Minister of Interior Joëlle Milquet. He then traveled to Syria with the aim of bringing young Belgian parties to join the ranks of the jihadists.

Although this information has not been confirmed, it appears that he embraced the cause thereafter.

According to Montasser AlDe’emeh,  a researcher from the University of Antwerp and jihadism specialist, the Islamic state accused  Iliass Azaouaj of espionage  on the  suspicion that he was  collaborating with Belgian authorities . This was the reason behind his sentencing.  

According to Dutch media, 17 Western fighters, including two Belgians, are still being detained by the Islamists.

(Source: Belga)

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