Shop signs and windows to be switched off at night

Shop signs and windows to be switched off at night
Credit: Belga.

Shops in Belgium will turn off lights after closing and lower heating from October onwards in a bid to reduce energy consumption.

With energy-saving measures being announced across the board, Comeos – the federation representing Belgian trade and commerce – announced a number of their own measures.

From 1 October, store signs and windows will be turned off one hour after they close, with heating being lowered to 19°C and doors kept closed during business hours.

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”We want to act without any further delay," explained Dominique Michel, CEO of Comeos. "This is why we have decided to take initiatives ourselves to achieve the necessary energy savings."

Michel expects the measures to have a direct impact on energy bills in shops: lowering temperatures should around 8% on heating and switching off the shop lights could save up to 15% on electricity bills.

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