The first 8D film hits Belgium

Starting October 1st, Stardust Park, the largest indoor playground, in Brussels will offer an 8D cinema experience. Thirty films, each lasting approximately 5 minutes, will be offered alternately to the public. Several Belgian theme parks already offer 3D and 4D experiences but the arrival of 8D is a first in Belgium.

The term 8D refers to the ever-increasing number of special effects, says the director of Stardust Park, Laurent Kreps. Effects such as "tornado", "snow", "smoke", "strobe" and "bubble” simulations will be accompanied by motion seats.  The audience will also experience the water spray and leg tickling effect.

"The effects will be adapted according to the movies being broadcast", said Laurent Kreps.

8D cinema is already a success overseas.

(Source: Belga)

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