French Community Holiday celebrations kick off on Thursday

French Community Holiday celebrations kick off on Thursday
Credit: Kmeron/Flickr.

This year's edition of the French Community Holiday will take place from Thursday, 22 September to 30 September, organised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Over 190 years since Dutch troops retreated from Brussels in 1830, the French-speaking parts of Belgium use the week of the 27 September to celebrate their community, both in the capital and in Wallonia. This has been even more the case since the creation of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in 1970.

As a result, from 19:30 on Friday, September 23rd, the Grand Place will play host to a diverse selection of French-speaking musicians.

Those in attendance will be able to hear French stars such as the duo Bigflo & Oli and singer Benjamin Biolay. They will also be able to see Brussels' own Lous and the Yakuza perform.

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Furthermore, those with a passion for the small screen will be catered to as well, with various Walloon and Brussels cinemas showing Belgian cult classics during the celebratory week.

The most notable of which is arguably 'Man Bites Dog,' a mockumentary that follows a Belgian serial killer and is commemorating the 30th anniversary of release in 1992. Thus, it will be screened in a slew of cities around the country.

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