Cruise control prohibition sign disappears from Belgian roads

Cruise control prohibition sign disappears from Belgian roads
Credit: Belga

The sign prohibiting the “cruise control” system will disappear from Belgian roads from 1 October, local media report.

This panel, numbered C48, prohibited motorists from driving with the cruise control mode. It was often found near construction sites on the highway to avoid accidents at the end of the bottleneck. The C49 sign indicated the end of the ban.

It is impossible to check whether cruise control is in use or not. The panel also does not distinguish between simple cruise control and intelligent cruise control systems.

As new cars are equipped with more advanced technology, the intelligent cruise control is increasingly used. The system allows motorists to drive at a given speed, while it adapts to the vehicle in front through automatic braking and acceleration.

Prohibiting the use of these systems would be “counter-productive”, according to the decision of the Minister of Mobility.

Belgium was the only country to still use the panel.

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