Flanders: Entrepreneurs urge government to reach budget agreement

Flanders: Entrepreneurs urge government to reach budget agreement
Credit: Belga

With September drawing to a close, business and technology groups are worried by the Flemish government's failure to reach a budget agreement by Monday.

Danny Van Assche, managing director of the Flemish organisation of independents, UNIZO, said he regretted in particular the resulting absence of urgent measures for entrepreneurs.

"Although they understand that the choices are difficult, entrepreneurs want to know clearly if and how it is still possible to do business in this country," Van Assche commented. "Politicians must quickly take responsibility and provide solutions."

"The Flemish government has taken a long time in recent weeks to work out measures, but the September Declaration should not become the October Declaration," he added.

Similarly, technological federation Agoria Vlaanderen hopes the government will soon come to an agreement on the budget. "The home stretch is difficult during negotiations, and we know it," commented Jolyce Demely, general manager of Agoria Vlaanderen, "but companies and families are waiting for a strong signal from the Flemish government."

"In these times they need, above all, to be reassured and to have a perspective" added Demely, whose organisation is calling for targeted measures "that preserve and strengthen the purchasing power of families and the competitiveness of businesses."

"More than ever, we need a proactive and united government to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow," Demely stressed.

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