Sexual misconduct platform to be launched in Flemish universities

Sexual misconduct platform to be launched in Flemish universities
Credit: James Arthur Gekiere/Belga.

The Gender Chamber of the Flemish Ombudsman Service, which deals with complaints of sexist behaviour, is establishing 'Syllabuse,' an online platform where misconduct within Flemish universities and higher education can be reported.

As the academic year starts off for Flemish students, the chamber has made it a priority to launch an open debate with students, PhD candidates, and workers on how best to handle incidents of misconduct in higher education.

"We are noticing an increase in reports of misconduct, both from students and employees," Gender Chamber member Annelies D'Espallier told Belga News Agency.

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As a result, they have decided to launch the 'Syllabuse' platform, where each person can share their experiences and testimonies, so that acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in higher education may be clearly defined.

"It is critical that people affected may share their experiences and begin a discourse in a trusting environment," the chamber noted in a statement released on Tuesday.

Additionally, the contact information for people of trust on each school campus will also be made available on the site.

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