Manneken Pis soon to be back in Costa del Sol resort

An exact replica of the Manneken-Pis statue will soon be enjoying the sun in the Spanish resort of Benalmadena, just off Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol. Its return is the result of the hard work of two Brussels tourists, according to Thursday’s Brussels edition of La Dernière Heure. Since 1991, the seaside town had had a replica of the Brussels ‘urchin’, which was first vandalized, and then stolen in 2011. It was never replaced by the municipality due to a lack of resources. The two Brussels tourists decided to inform the mayor of the City of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur (PS), about the Manneken-Pis on their return from a trip to Benalmadena. After several meetings, Brussels agreed to fund and commission a new polyester resin copy of the urchin. Armed with a letter signed by the mayor, the couple was tasked with taking the Manneken Pis to Andalusia, which they did mid-September. Little Julien should again be gracing the streets of the resort by the end of October. (Source: Belga)

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