Belgium goes to court to defend gambling laws

Belgium goes to court to defend gambling laws

Last Monday, the Belgian government filed a motion to quash, before the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg, a European Commission recommendation to strengthen player protection on the online gambling market, which could result in a directive. According to Belgium, the text fails to achieve its goal and leads to the unraveling of our regulatory model, regularly cited as an example in Europe, reported L’Echo and De Tijd, on Friday. Belgium is one of the only countries to have dared to create a blacklist of unlicensed operators.

Our country is concerned that the Belgian model might disappear and that, in the future, the granting of an online license would no longer depend on the prior existence of a permanent license and on the establishment of a gaming server in the country.

Belgium considers that player protection, which is the ultimate goal of this type of measure, remains a matter of national competence, under the principle of subsidiarity. Other countries may well follow Belgium’s lead.           

(Source: Belga)

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