Over €1 bn in Flemish Government assistance for insulation and renovation

Over €1 bn in Flemish Government assistance for insulation and renovation
Roof exhibited at renovations fair showcasing the benefit of efficient insulation. Credit: Belga/ BRUNO FAHY

A properly insulated roof and energy-efficient renovations can save households thousands of euros every year on their energy bills, which is why the Flemish government is better informing people about the improvements that can be made.

Around one-third of heat is lost through an uninsulated roof; households with good insulation can save up to €1,600 a year. Meanwhile, energy-efficient renovations can reduce bills by up to €3,700 a year. But while the government does have premiums to help households make these adjustments, few people are aware of the support they can receive.

"We sometimes overlook the importance of making sure that people can find the right assistance for them. It is our job as the Flemish government to find all possible channels, especially since we have more than €1 billion ready to support single people and families," Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir said.

Help where it's most needed

In September, the average household faces an annual electricity bill of more than €3,200 (three times greater than this time last year); natural gas prices have doubled from €2,500 in March to almost €6,000 per year.

The information campaigns on insulation and renovation will be launched on Thursday, with full-page articles in almost all newspapers. Another wave of advertisements will follow in October to promote the fact that all premiums for renovations can be requested onling via one platform (MijnVerbouwPremie).

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The messaging will focus on explaining the biggest energy losses in the home of the average Flemish household and how much energy-efficient renovations can save help them save.

Another wave of campaigns will inform people of ways to structurally reduce their energy consumption, thus lower energy bills, including campaigns on social media.

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