Altercation between woman and officer at the Saint-Gilles police station

A police officer of the Midi (Saint-Gilles, Forest, and Anderlecht) police zone was hit in the face while she searched a woman on Saturday night. She will be unable to work for five days, reported the zone. The woman who was arrested for assault and battery will be fined. The woman alleges to have been beaten herself by the police at the Saint-Gilles central police station, rue Antoine Bréart. This information was broadcast on Tuesday by the newspaper La Capitale. According to local police, the woman and her boyfriend got into an argument with another person in Saint-Gilles. The couple called the police, who visited the scene and calmed the situation.

Some time later, the couple called the police again for the same reason. According to local police, the couple was agitated and taken to the Saint-Gilles police station. The trip went smoothly however the woman struck the officer in the face while she was being searched.

(Source: Belga)

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