Euromillions: Portuguese takes home the 190 million Euro jackpot, a Belgian wins more than 2 million

The Belgian national lottery announced Friday evening that the super jackpot of 190 million euros was picked up by a Portuguese citizen. A A Belgian comes home with a bit more than 2 million euros. They are nine winners, of whom the Belgian, ranked 2, shared a sum of 19 million euros with the other lucky winners, or a bit more than 2 million each.

The sum that the Portuguese won on Friday equals the record from August 2013 that was won by an English citizen. The Belgians gambled 11,5 million Euros in total on the Friday lottery round. The total sum gambled in Europe amounted to 151 million euros. The jackpot for the next lottery round next Tuesday now drops back to 15 million euros.     

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