Out of 95 appliances found in a Belgian household, 10 are no longer used

Out of 95 appliances found in a Belgian household, 10 are no longer used
Landen resident Betty Franco poses with her broken radio at her home in Landen. Credit: Belga / Michel Krakowski

With household appliances costing an increasing amount of money, 10 of the 95 appliances owned by the average Belgian household are no longer in use, amounting to 49 million unused electronic devices across the country.

These were the findings of a new survey released on Tuesday by Recupel, the organisation in charge of electrical and electronic equipment collection and recycling.

The survey also stated that Belgians currently own 482 million household appliances in total, 49 million of which are not used. Of these however, 39 million are still in working condition.

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This averages out to each Belgian household owning 95 electric devices ranging from domestic appliances and care appliances to lighting devices, audio and video equipment, information and telecommunications devices, as well as various tools and toys.

Furthermore, the top three least used gadgets are flashlights/bicycle lights, followed by lamp fittings (bedside, desk, reading, etc.) and calculators/card readers, with 65% of homes saving them 'just in case.'

As a result, Recupel is pushing consumers to donate or recycle their unwanted appliances, rather than throwing them away, as 11% of those surveyed already do.

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