Over half of Belgian bosses would offer reduced working week

Over half of Belgian bosses would offer reduced working week
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A survey by the Robert Half recruitment agency shows that more than half of Belgian bosses would be willing to offer their employees a reduced working week.

On Tuesday, Robert Half released its annual Salary Guide, which provides an overview of salaries in Belgium's current labour market.

300 Belgian managers were surveyed with the findings revealing that 54% are open to the idea of giving their employees a shorter working week to fulfil the rising demand for flexibility from applicants.

This comes in the same year that the Federal Government announced its latest 'Jobs Deal' labour reform, which aims to modernise Belgium's working habits.

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To that end, the bosses surveyed appeared open to additional types of flexibility for their employees, such as enabling them to work remotely from abroad (for 54% of respondents) or extending their weekly working hours to allow them to take extra days off (for 28% of respondents).

Furthermore, despite Belgium's rampant inflation, 34% of bosses stated that they would be able to offer their staff a pay rise. They have also emphasised the need to broaden the offer of extralegal perks, with a third of respondents prepared to grant their employees an unlimited number of days off.

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