Street prostitution will soon be banned in Charleroi

The new commune law forbidding street prostitution was adopted by the local Charleroi government on Tuesday. The law also limits the use of alcohol outlets by the same trade. In June 2011, an exemption was accorded to street prostitution, forcing it to move to behind the TEC buildings. However, this exemption was not respected, and prostitutes regularly went to their previous area, near schools.  Furthermore, fights often broke out in the area where they were working, which was quite dangerous.

A new law is therefore being put to police and residents, after consultation by the specialist ASBL. Paul Magnette presented it on Tuesday accompanied by the deputy Véronique Salvi, then deputy mayor, who was president of the committee charged with preparing the law.

After approval by the commune council at the end of November, street prostitution will be forbidden in Charleroi territory, annulling the exemption from 2011. It also ends the “beacon” this exemption created, which brought prostitutes from elsewhere to work in Charleroi.

The operation of establishments were several people are involved in prostitution is also forbidden, with the exception of alcohol outlets already in place along faubourg de Bruxelles and the N5 at Gosselles.

(Source: Belga)

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