Belgium's gas reserves 100% full

Belgium's gas reserves 100% full

Belgium's gas reserves are 100% full, according to figures from the specialist platform on supply levels in Europe, the Aggregated Gas Storage Inventory, the office of Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten reported on Tuesday.

Belgium is the second EU member State, after Portugal, to attain full storage.

Reserves at the site of the Fluxys network operator in Loenhout had recently fallen due to maintenance work at the LNG terminal in the port of Zeebrugge, but returned ten days ago to 90%, the limit required by 1 November.

According to the Aggregated Gas Storage Inventory, Belgium reached 100% on 29 September.

Storage capacity in Loenhout is 8 terawatt/hours TWh.

Portugal reached its maximum in mid-September, but for a lower storage capacity: 3.86 TWh.

Belgium's capacity remains limited, since reserves only cover 4% of its annual consumption. The country can nevertheless import more gas when needed, in particular from Norway and via the Zeebrugge terminal.

For the EU as a whole, reserves are 89.3% full, according to figures for 2 October. Hungary and Bulgaria are the worst performers, at 75%.

Belgium's neighbours are much closer to full capacity, with the Netherlands and Germany on 92%, and France topping 97%.

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