Amrani’s victims sue the Belgian state for non-respect of parole conditions

Amrani’s victims sue the Belgian state for non-respect of parole conditions

Counsel Alexandre Wilmotte, who represents the families of Gabriel Leblond and Laurent Cremer, two of Nordine Amrani’s victims, will soon launch a case against the Belgian State with the Liège or Brussels Court of First Instance. This will be for the non-respect of parole conditions for the perpetrator of the Place Saint-Lambert shooting in Liège on the 13th of December 2011 that killed five people, he told the Belga agency 48 hours before the Amrani case will be examined by the Liège Court of Appeal. The lawyer is waiting to be told what the Prosecutor’s Office require, but also to familiarize himself with the whole case before choosing his position. “Our reasoning is that this will help others. It is our responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future”, explains Mr Wilmotte. “We cannot just accept that it’s impossible to keep tabs on everybody”.

The lawyer considers certain things should have sent out a “red light”. Both how much the perpetrator liked guns andthe new complaint about him should have made the justice department keep a closer eye on him, says the lawyer, who reminds us that the Sentencing Enforcement Court opposed the release of Nordine Amrani, who, he feels, respected nothing in prison.

On Thursday, the Court of Appeal will consider the annulation of the public action following the death of Nordine Amrani, who committed suicide after the shooting and is considered by the Liège Prosecutor’s Office as the only one responsible for the incident on the 13th of December 2011.

The lawyer thinks that the attitude of Nordine Amrani’s partner, who was never charged during the investigation, is at the very least ambiguous as the suspect had organized bankruptcy, according to Mr Wilmotte. Other civil parties should join his case.

(Source: Belga)

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