National Demonstration – Brussels Police write an open letter to Mayor Yvan Mayeur

National Demonstration – Brussels Police write an open letter to Mayor Yvan Mayeur

Officers from the intervention service of the Brussels-Capitale-Ixelles police have written an open letter to the capital’s mayor Yvan Mayeur (PS) to tell him of their concerns about the clashes in Brussels on Thursday during the national demonstration. A symbolic action, during which agents hope to give the letter to the mayor, will be organized for Tuesday at 2pm in the Grand Place in Brussels, the internet sites for La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure announced on Monday. The officers say they received no consideration from Yann Mayer, who is also president of the police college. “No words of support, of encouragement for your injured men, no thank you for their work and the courage they showed. No compassion for the hundred or so officers hurt during these ridiculous clashes. And, not content with indifference, you show your contempt for us by publicly stating that those of us who are not happy about what you did can find themselves another zone to police…”

“After surprise and incomprehension comes anger. The anger of men and women who, despite proof of your animosity towards us, have always remained discreet, and always had the heart to do their job in the best way possible”, they continue, also criticizing the mayor’s presence at the demonstration and not at the command post with other police commanders.

“Today, we simply want to see you show respect for the courage of the men and women who were in the field last Thursday (…) and recognize the professionalism they showed”, say the officers.

“You have a good police force, Mr Mayeur. And this police force only asks to continue going forward with you. Maybe today is the opportune moment to put your prejudices and preconception to one side and make a step towards us, and envisage how, together, we can work for the good of Brussels”, they conclude. 

(Source: Belga)

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