Good weather boosted visitor numbers to Liège’s October fair

Good weather boosted visitor numbers to Liège’s October fair

This autumn’s mild weather was a very welcome boost for fairground stallholders at Liège’s October fair this year. The 155th edition of the fair was an overall success, bringing in the crowds in spite of the recession. The fair took place on Liège’s Avroy Boulevard until Tuesday, the last day being the best time to get a bargain.

Stallholders declared it a successful year. “We were very lucky with the weather”, said Anthony Mastrovalerio, Walloon president of the Union des industriels forains belges (Belgian Itinerant Stallholders Union). “The weather was great, particularly over the weekends and holiday periods.”

“Even though it’s clear people are still being careful with their spending, the good weather got people out and about”, he continued, adding that there was a great atmosphere throughout and that the week running up to All Saints Day and the Halloween parade were very popular.

Such a positive result goes some way to making up for a mediocre year for stallholders. “This success averages our year out, but 2014 has still been less successful than the years before the recession hit”, highlights Anthony Mastrovalerio.

Although actual numbers are not available, it was clear the fair was busier than last year. Over 1.5 million visitors were expected, according to footfall estimates provide by the town at the start of the fair.

On Wednesday, after a month-and-a-half delighting adults and children alike, the 175 attractions will begin to come down.

(Source: Belga)

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