Pope Francis condemns the “State Terrorism” that “kills innocents”

Pope Francis condemns the “State Terrorism” that “kills innocents”

On Tuesday, Pope Francis condemned “State Terrorism” that “kills innocents at well as terrorists”. He did not make it clear who he was referring to. He spoke during a press conference in his airplane while returning to Strasburg.” Alongside terrorists, “there is another threat, the threat of State Terrorism”, the Pope declared on the airplane back from Strasburg.

Reiterating words he spoke in August that seems to justify a military intervention against the Islamic State (IS), Jorge Bergoglio reaffirmed his rejection of an operation “without international consensus”.

When “each State feels it is entitled to massacre terrorists for their own satisfaction, when so many innocent people die at the same time. It’s high level anarchy that is very dangerous”, he observed.

“We need to fight terrorism. But when we stop the unjust attacker, we must do it with international consensus. No country can stop an unjust attacker for its own satisfaction”, he insisted.

In the airplane taking him back from Korea in August, he seemed to justify a military operation, while condemning the lone US strikes against the IS.

(Source: Belga)

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