RTBF solidarity action raises €7.7 million for autism

RTBF solidarity action raises €7.7 million for autism
RTBF's transmission tower in Brussels. Credit: Belga.

The annual solidarity action by the French-speaking public broadcaster RTBF, CAP48, has raised more than €7.7 million, setting a new record. This year’s campaign focused on autism.

The money will go to projects that work on better inclusion of people with disabilities in society. It is estimated that one in 66 children in Belgium is born with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and often, the diagnosis is made late.

ASD is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain, and a recent study discovered that there are specific gene mutations that could contribute to ASD as well.

The disorder makes it challenging to participate in social communication and interaction. and those with ASD often have different ways of learning, moving, or paying attention.

CAP48 delivered a record amount of €7.6 million in 2021, which went to 167 projects.

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