Firemen from the NAGE zone threaten to “mousse” the Town hall in Namur

Firemen from the NAGE zone threaten to “mousse” the Town hall in Namur

Fireman from the Regional Fire Services (Services Régionaux d’Incendie, SRI) in Namur, Andenne, Gembloux and Éghezée, which make up the future NAGE zone, arrived at the rue de Fer at Namur in fire trucks with sirens blazing. It happened during a meeting between the mayor and Unions. They threatened to fill the Town hall with mousse if the meeting didn’t go their way. The professional and voluntary firemen, who have been on administrative strike for a week, want to keep their current salaries, statuses and hours. Firemen fired a hose into the entrance hall of the Town hall. The ten mayors of the future zone and councilor Tanguy Auspert, head of the SRI and President of the NAGE zone, refused to let the Union managers sit at the negotiation table until the hose was removed.

The negotiations started around 9.45am. Several dozen firemen waited in the entrance.

The Unions have a list of requests, including the maintaining of a 24 hour guard for 10 years and a service with professionals night and day. They also want expenses to keep being reimbursed and pre-clearance leave kept in place for professionals allowed it. For volunteers, they want the standardization of bonuses for weekends and nights, overtime bonuses kept, the validation of training and a representative within the authorities, Jean Pichon said on Monday.

(Source: Belga)

The NAGE zone will be made up if four SRIs, 10 communes (Assesse-Andenne-Éghezée-Fernelmont-Gembloux-Gesves-La Bruyère-Namur-Ohey-Profondeville), and as many mayors.

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