Belgian provider installs 6,000 free solar panels with more to come

Belgian provider installs 6,000 free solar panels with more to come
Prime Minister Alexander De Croo assists with the installation of solar panels by EnergyVision. Credit: Benoit Doppagne/Belga.

Following Prime Minister Alexander De Croo's visit to one of their sites on Wednesday, Ghent and Brussels-based EnergyVision reported that further 15,000 households have signed up to have solar panels installed on their roofs for free.

De Croo has called the company's EnergyHome scheme "promising" and this certainly seems the case, with EnergyVision's founder Maarten Michielssens disclosing that his company has already delivered free solar panels to 6,000 Belgians.

EnergyVision has accomplished this by offering their services to households that cannot afford to invest in solar panels. The panels are installed free of charge with the electricity produced sold to the households at a discounted rate and any surplus energy being fed back into the grid.

The scheme is said to have been very popular from the start, with Michielssens revealing that "we received more than 3,000 applications in 48 hours earlier this year."

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The company's aim is now to direct operations toward households struggling to pay their energy bills, with the long-term goal of producing the equivalent amount of energy as a Doel nuclear power station.

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