79 earthquakes in Belgium in 2014

There were 79 earthquakes in Belgium in 2014, according to the website of Royal Observatory. This is considered a quiet year for our country but also all around the world, says seismologist Koen Verbeek. The strongest earthquake registered in Belgium last year took place at 8:53am on Christmas day. The epicentre was in the Flemish town of Tiel and the magnitude was 2.7 on the Richter scale. No major seismic activity was recorded last year and no earthquake caused any serious damage in Belgium.

“This has been a quiet year in terms of seismic activity around the world. We registered a few quakes of magnitude 7, but none reached 8 on the Richter scale,” explains Mr. Verbeek. “This is good news, even if it makes for a less interesting year for seismologists.” The most violent earthquake ever in Belgium took place in 1692, he adds. The 6.2 magnitude seismic event took place around Verviers and caused serious damage throughout the country.

(Source: Belga)

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