EU reduces energy consumption but still imports 53% of needs

The European Union scaled back its 2013 energy consumption to the level of the early 90s, but still imports 53% of its needs, according to figures published by Eurostat (European Office of Statistics) on Monday. In 2013, gross internal energy consumption in the EU reached 1.666 billion Mtep (million ton equivalent of petroleum), down by 9.1% compared to its 2006 peak, pointed out Eurostat.  In Belgium in 2013, internal consumption was 56.7 million Mtoe (million ton oil equivalent). Energy use was up on the 2012 figure (54.8 million tons).  By way of comparison, in 1991 energy use in Belgium was 48.7 Mtep.  In 2013, 77.5% of energy used in Belgium was imported.

Among the big 5 energy users,  the UK and France depend the least on imports (46.4% and 47.9% respectively) compared to Germany (62.7%), Spain (70.5%) and Italy (76.9%).

Following France’s lead, nuclear energy was the main producer of energy in the EU (29%), followed by renewable energy sources (24%), solid fuels (20%), natural gas (17%), crude oil (9%), and non-renewable waste (1%).

France was the main producer in 2013, its market share being 17%, of which 80.9% comes from nuclear power stations.

(Source: Belga)

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