Reinforced security in all Delhaize stores

Reinforced security in all Delhaize stores

After the acid attack in front of an Antwerp store on Friday, the supermarket chain has confirmed all its shops will be open on Saturday, and additional security measures have been put in place. The Brussels Prosecutor’s office has not released any information on the investigation. A 52 year old cleaning lady was seriously burned during the attack. She works for a Delhaize sub-contractor.

In December, Delhaize and Belga received emails in which a man threatened to carry out acid attacks on the supermarket’s customers. On Friday, the Prosecutor’s office confirmed that the author of the threatening emails claimed responsibility for the attack. The Prosecutor’s office gave no more information about the search on Saturday morning, which is still ongoing.

Delhaize has said all its supermarkets are still open, and that additional security measures have put in place. Delhaize has called on numerous extra security agents, and the number will go up over the course of the day. It is also working closely with local police.

The company has also activated internal security procedures, but won’t say more on them. Delhaize has revealed it is continuing to evaluate the situation day by day, according to how investigation is progressing.

(Source: Belga)

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