Just one Belgian in three could see themselves as an entrepreneur

Three quarters of Belgians are in theory in favour of entrepreneurs. But only 32% would set up their own business, L’Echo said on Wednesday. It has based itself on a poll involving 38 countries, done by the American company Amway (home sales), at the end of 2014. The poll included Belgium. Three quarters (73%) of Belgians asked see entrepreneurs as a positive thing, but only 32% could see themselves setting up their own business. “In Europe, the fear of failure and the access to financing are bigger obstacles than in the United Sates or Asia”, says L’Echo.

Belgians estimate that the Chambers of Commerce (40%), higher and university education (38%) and secondary education (37%) are the best levels of education for entrepreneurs. “Even though 62% of Belgians think that our education is good enough for entrepreneurs, one Belgian in two thinks it could be improved”, L’Echo adds.

(Source: Belga)

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