Demonstration for Yemen in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Brussels

Demonstration for Yemen in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Brussels

More than 50 people demonstrated in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy on Saturday, from 3pm onwards. They condemned human rights violations in Yemen, and called for an end to the violence. Some of the demonstrators were holding photos of the injured, including children in hospital. There were also Shiites among the demonstrators. They spoke about the figures given by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which were published on Thursday. These figures say there have been 1,080 people killed and 4,350 people injured since the 19th of March. 254,000 people have also been forced to flee. They criticised the airstrikes on Sanaa, the capital, which affected numerous civilians. A letter has been handed to the Saudi Arabian embassy.

Khalid Mortada, the co-founder of Muslims’ Rights Belgium, said humanitarian organisations had been mobilised. He added the humanitarian aid coordinator found the situation in Aden extremely worrying. “It’s a humanitarian issue. More than 60% of the population in Yemen already lives below the poverty line. The humanitarian situation we face after the raids is very worrying and affects everybody. Silence makes those remaining silent accomplices. The violence needs to stop and there needs to be negotiations to find a political solution”.

The Security Council resolution adopted on the 15th of April says the Houthis must withdraw from the conquered territories and start negotiations. Shiite rebels reached Aden on the 26th of March, the day the Saudi kingdom started the bombardments.

(Source: Belga)

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