Brussels Motor Show: Organisers hope to attract 300,000 visitors

Brussels Motor Show: Organisers hope to attract 300,000 visitors
Credit: Benoit Doppagne/Belga.

From 14 to 22 January, 300,000 visitors are expected to attend the 100th edition of the Motor Show, which will take place at Heysel in the Belgian capital after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic.

“When the 2020 Motor Show closed its doors, no one imagined that it would be so long before the next show took place,” Andreas Cremer, managing director of the show's organisers Febiac (the Belgian Federation of Cars and Cycles) told various media outlets of the impact Covid-19 had on the event.

The next show in January will mark the Motor Show's 100th edition and will be their first since the end of the pandemic.

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Organisers have had to contend with the profound changes the automotive market has gone through, which "has been flooded with new models and new players," Cremer explained.

"In addition to its usual role to showcase industry changes the 2023 Motor Show will act as an information and outreach centre for the general public.”

What is planned for the event?

50 car brands will feature at the show with the focus being on "technology, sustainability and driving pleasure"; several conferences will be held with experts and exhibitors in a dedicated 150-seat area.

The coveted Car of the Year competition, which has been given to the best car sold on the European market since 1964, will be held for the first time during the Motor Show.

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