Children are probably responsible for a fire at Vilvorde

Children probably started a fire in Vilvorde while playing on Monday evening. The Hal-Vilvorde Prosecutor’s office will open an investigation into the exact circumstances of the fire on Tuesday.

A large fire broke out in a hangar in Vilvorde at around 8pm. The fire spread rapidly, but Vilvorde firefighters, helped by colleagues from Zaventem and Malines, were able to put the flames out.

No-one was injured, but the fire caused extensive damage. Most of the hangar’s roof fell in, and around 1,000 metres went up in smoke. The oldest part of the complex was the most damaged, while the most recent part was left relatively untouched.

The clear-up of the debris was still going on at around 11pm on Monday.

Vilvorde residents and residents of the near-by hospital are advised to keep their doors and windows shut, to stop the spread of asbestos.

According to the fire department’s early investigations, the fire was started by children playing. Witnesses saw them running away.   

(Source: Belga)

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