Kanye West insinuates that Elon Musk is a clone

Kanye West insinuates that Elon Musk is a clone
Credit: Belga

In a new post on Instagram after his Twitter account was frozen was Friday, US rapper Kanye West hints that Twitter boss Elon Musk might be a clone.

"Am I the only one who thinks Elon is possibly half-Chinese?” the rapper writes in his first post on Instagram since early October. “Have you ever seen childhood photos of him? Take a Chinese genius and mate them with a South African supermodel and we have an Elon.”

“I say an Elon because they’ve probably made 10 to 30 Elons and he’s the first genetic hybrid that stuck,” he added.

In a response on Twitter, Musk said he took the comment as a compliment.

According to the American rapper, his Instagram post was also meant as a compliment.

West’s Twitter account was suspended last week after he posted an image of a swastika, thus allegedly violating the platform’s rules about inciting violence.

The tweet came shortly after West expressed his appreciation for Adolf Hitler and defended acts of the Nazis in an interview, earning himself a deluge of criticism.

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