Restructure of the Flemish Brussels Media: staff to issue strike notice

Restructure of the Flemish Brussels Media: staff to issue strike notice

Following Tuesday's announcement that the FM Brussel radio station is to be axed, staff at Vlaams-Brussels Media intend to issue a strike notice, revealed For CEO Michel Tubbax, it is about catering for today's Brussels consumer. This means implementing a new strategy which will include an interactive website, social networking and expanding to include other languages. The board of directors of Vlaams-Brusselse Media (Agenda Magazine, tvbrussel, Brussel Deze Week) announced this Tuesday that the FM Brussel radio station will cease broadcasting at the end of June. Earlier in the day, Anne Brumagne, editor of the weekly publication Brussel Deze Week, was given notice of her dismissal. The restructuring will eliminate six full-time positions.

These decisions are the result of several months of analysis and discussion within Vlaams-Brusselse Media and the desire to focus on the digital environment. The news site will be at the centre of this new strategy, according to Michel Tubbax, who added that FM Brussel is being axed because it was unable to hold up in such a competitive environment.

Staff are against the new strategy and intend to issue a strike notice. FM Brussel broadcasts an entirely musical programme. Brussel Deze Week is currently working on a special edition that will pay tribute to the editor. Michel Tubbax will be a guest on tvbrussel, where he will be interviewed by the Vlaamse Vereniging van Journalisten (VVJ - Flemish Association of Journalists), the equivalent of the AJP in Flanders, says Eric Laureys.

A Facebook page to support FM Brussel has been set up and a demonstration is planned for 5:00pm outside Vlaams-Brusselse Media on Brussels Place Flagey.

(Source: Belga)

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