Proximus, Mobile Vikings and Scarlet will raise prices from 1 January

Proximus, Mobile Vikings and Scarlet will raise prices from 1 January
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As the new year is approaching, several telecom providers such as Proximus, Mobile Vikings and Scarlet have announced that they will raise their prices from 1 January.

It is the second time in a short time that Proximus has announced a price increase. It did the same at the beginning of May, when the prices of the popular Flex bundles (which combine TV, internet and telephone) rose by €3 to €4 per month.

From January, the price of most bundles will increase by another €3 to €4.50. This means, among other things, that customers will pay up to €83.49 per month for Proximus' most popular Flex S-pack bundle, not including temporary promotions.

What is new this time is that the rate for fixed internet will also go up: from next year, customers will pay €54.99 for an Internet Maxi subscription, or €59.99 for a Fiber subscription. Internet Essential, the cheapest subscription from Proximus, remains at €25 per month.

The rates for mobile bundles will not change, but out-of-bundle data usage and prepaid calling minutes will cost more. The price for a fixed telephone line will also rise by €1.50 per month, to €26.13.

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Mobile Vikings and Scarlet, both subsidiaries of Proximus, are also raising their prices from 2023. The home internet rate for Mobile Vikings will go up from €38 to €40 per month, and the price for a fiber subscription will also increase from €53 to €55 per month.

Those opting for a bundle with internet and mobile telephony next year will pay at least €47 per month, depending on their mobile subscription. Those who choose fiber in their bundle will pay at least €62.

Importantly, however, these new Mobile Vikings rates will only apply to new activations of internet at home. All existing users (active before 1 December) received a price guarantee of 13 months on the "old" price until 31 December.

Scarlet users will also pay more from 1 January: the prices of the well-known Trio packs will increase by €2 per month, just like the Loco internet subscriptions. Mobile phone subscriptions are temporarily not affected.

Both the major competitors Telenet and Orange and the smaller providers of mobile-only services will leave their rates unchanged for the time being

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