Brussels to roll out 22,000 electric charging points by 2035

Brussels to roll out 22,000 electric charging points by 2035
Credit: Belga/Dirk Waem

To phase out vehicles with a combustion engine, the Brussels Regional Government is aiming to create 22,000 charging points for electric vehicles accessible to the public by 2035, announced Brussels Minister for Climate Transition, Environment and Energy Alain Maron.

Following the adoption of a clear legislative framework for the roll-out of such a network of charging points, new measures have been taken to accelerate this roll-out. A website has just been launched, and the winners of a call for projects to support the installation of charging stations have been announced.

"The roll-out of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles is crucial for the transition to a less polluting vehicle fleet. Thanks to, we ensure that Brussels inhabitants will always find a charging solution in their neighbourhood," said Maron in a press release.

He stressed that the new measures unveiled on Tuesday are important: "while the regional website answers the many questions of the Brussels actors involved in the electrification of transport, the installation of new super-fast charging points will also make it possible to implement the solutions offered to motorists to charge their vehicle."

In Brussels, the phasing out of combustion engine vehicles will have significant public health implications: according to a recent study by Bruxelles Environnement, this should make it possible to prevent 110 premature deaths from air pollution each year and to reduce CO2 emissions from transport by 75% by 2030.

However, alternatives to the passenger car must be encouraged, but a network of charging points for electric vehicles must be rolled out as well. In this context, the Brussels-Capital Region has set the goal of having 22,000 publicly accessible charging points by 2035. So far, the network is growing fast; from 400 charging points in 2020, it has now grown to more than 2,000 publicly accessible charging points.

"In the coming months, no less than 1400 charging stations will be added to the already installed charging stations throughout the territory of Brussels," said Inne Mertens, General Manager of network operator Sibelga. "Some 50 of them will end up on street lights. As a result, every inhabitant of Brussels will find a charging station within a radius of 150 metres around their home. Up until now, that was 250 metres."

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With regard to public roads, a public contract was awarded this year to EnergyDrive to install 500 charging points for electric vehicles on the streets of Brussels by 2022. A regional website has been set up to make it easy to find the locations already in use, and to facilitate the process of installing charging points at home or at a company.

"The new website is the reference platform for everyday users of charging stations, but also for those who want to drive electric and want to see the existing infrastructure near their home and the places where they often use it," said Damien Sury, sustainable mobility expert at Brussels Environment.

Via an interactive map, it is possible to locate the charging stations and a real-time counter shows the number of existing charging points in the Brussels Region. "The site also contains information about using the charging stations and a manual for installing them."

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