Man locks himself in his flat in Ixelles for reasons still unknown

As yet, no-one knows why a 37-year-old man locked himself in his flat on Rue Dautzenberg in Ixelles with his wife and 1-year-old child on Thursday morning, pointed out the Brussels prosecutor on Thursday. The man gave himself up to the federal police special units on site, and will be questioned. Local police were called at 3:30am after an argument between neighbours at 54, Rue Dautzenberg (not Lesbroussart as was previously reported) in Ixelles. A man said he had been threatened by a neighbour, who was potentially armed.  When the police arrived, the suspect locked himself in his flat with his wife and child.

Police cordoned off a large area around the site and approximately 10 residents were evacuated to a nearby café.

Special units from the federal police force supported their local colleagues and upon arrival, started negotiations with the suspect. Magistrates from the prosecutor’s office specialising in this type of case went on site and ran the operation. There were no injuries or violence.

The Ixelles alderman and the chief of the local police were also present. It was still unclear if the suspect was armed. The individual made no demands and did not physically threaten anyone. He gave himself up to the police at approximately 9:00am and was taken in for questioning.

In his first interview the suspect said he had not taken hostages and had no weapon. He was known to the police but for different offenses. In the meantime, the police cordon was removed, and evacuated neighbours were able to go home.

(Source: Belga)  

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