Reading of 245-page “Syrian network” verdict ongoing

This Wednesday at 9:30 am, the 49th chamber of Brussels Criminal Court started the reading of his verdict for the “Syrian Network” terrorism case for which 32 people are on trial. The reading will start again at 2:00 pm. The magistrates had got through half of the 245-page verdict by 1:00 pm. In the first part of the case that was read in the morning, all the suspects bar 2 were found guilty of participating in the activities of a terrorist group. The 2 who were not found guilty were sisters Soumaya and Sarah K., who were acquitted. Judge Hendrickx and his two assessors were to start the reading of the second part of the case at 2:00 pm and are expected  to finish around 6:00 pm.

At this stage of the proceedings, most of the suspects in this case, the main defendant, Khalid Z. in particular, have been found guilty of participation in the activities of a terrorist group. It has also already been established that the two sisters, Soumaya and Sarah K., were not involved, and they have been acquitted of that particular charge.

The sentences for those defendants found guilty will, however, only be pronounced at the very end of the verdict. Among the thirty-two people on trial for joining the armed jihad in Syria, or for providing assistance to the jihadists, are some very young men and women. They are all accused of participation in the activities of a terrorist group.

(Source: Belga)  

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