Saint-Ghislain travellers must leave by midday on August 10th

Travellers currently settled on a field belonging to the Baudour inter-municipality development association IDEA (Saint-Ghislain), opposite NGK Ceramics, must leave before 12:00pm next Monday. Saint-Ghislain alderman Daniel Olivier signed a relevant decree on Thursday afternoon. Some 20 trailers belonging to travellers and camped along Baudour’s Nimy-Blaton canal since Sunday, left the site as agreed with Saint-Ghislain authorities, on Wednesday before 10:00am, but simply set up camp a few kilometres away on land which is part of an IDEA industrial development zone under which 2 pipes run with gas and nitrogen.

A police check on Thursday morning led the Saint-Ghislain alderman to request by decree that travellers leave the site by noon next Monday.

(Source: Belga) 

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