The mother found dead with her children in Thynes committed suicide

The mother found dead in a burnt out car in Thynes (Namur province) in the early hours of Friday morning committed suicide. At least, that’s what a letter found by her family seems to say, the Namur King’s Prosecutor’s office said on Saturday. “She told them she was going to do it, and take the two children with her. Things are now much clearer”, the Namur Prosecutor’s office added.

A post mortem on the bodies was done on Saturday. Nothing new was found. “The cause of death is the fire, which was started with petrol. There were no traces of violence or anything to contradict that theory. We are just waiting on the toxicology reports, so we can know what products the victims ingested”.

Early on Friday morning, a driver informed the fire department he had seen a car on fire in Thynes. Once the fire was out, three bodies were discovered on the back seat. The children were aged 11 and 13.

Relationship problems with the children’s father, especially concerning custody of the children, apparently pushed the mother into killing herself and the children.

(Source: Belga)

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