Asylum: Immigration Office turns down nearly 250 applications

Asylum: Immigration Office turns down nearly 250 applications

The Immigration Office turned down some 246 asylum applications on Monday; those refused will have to reapply next week. Although this figure is lower than in previous weeks, the number of delayed registrations is increasing, the figure now standing at nearly 1000 people.

The Immigration Office was able to register 250 asylum applications on Monday. Of the 160 people invited to reapply on Monday, only 108 came back. An increasing number of asylum seekers are choosing not to come back to make their application.

Around 100 asylum seekers were asked to reapply next Friday, October 2nd and a further 146 people on Monday, October 5th.

The authorities claim that the number of rejected applications is “relatively small” for a Monday. There were 288 refusals last Monday. On August 31st, the figure totalled 460.

Even so, the number of people awaiting registration is increasing. Thus, a total of 946 asylum seekers have been asked to reapply up to next Tuesday and therefore will have to be accommodated in the WTC III building.

Theo Francken, the Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration tweeted on Monday morning that 499 migrants spent Sunday night in the WTC III building and that nobody was turned away. The Red Cross have confirmed this information.

500 additional initial reception places will be created in the WTC III building in Brussels during the course of the week which will bring the number of such places in the building to one thousand.

(Source: Belga)

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