The Foreigner’s Office sets up a temporary office in front WTC III

The Foreigner’s Office set up a temporary office in front of the WTC III building. It was open for 30 minutes at around 7.30pm on Saturday evening. It gave out papers that allowed around 30 refugees who arrived after the Foreigner’s Office shut on Friday to have access to housing. This was confirmed by Elodie Franckart, the spokesman for the Refugee citizen support platform, at around 10.30pm on Friday.

The Refugee citizen support platform is very happy about this initiative. “It’s a good first step, even if it’s not enough”, says Elodie Franckart. “Politicians are starting to realise that the situation at the weekends is urgent. Around 200 to 250 people arrive every weekend”.

To completely avoid these temporary housing situations, the platform has recommended increasing the Foreigner’s Office’s processing capacity to 200 to 250 people per day.

The platform also says there are problems with medical care at WTC III. “The building is managed by Red Cross first-aiders, but we also need to give the Medecins du monde access to WTC, or reorganise it to allow outside appointments”, says Elodie Franckart. 

(Source: Belga)

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