Armed attack on a Thalys train – The Belgian government pays tribute to the Thalys heroes

Prime Minister Charles Michel and Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders were in New York on Saturday. They presented the Americans who intervened during the attack on a Thalys train last summer with medals, in the name of the Belgian government. They prevented a tragedy on the train, which was heading for Paris.

Two of the three Thalys heroes, soldier Spencer Stone and student Anthony Sadler, were at the Belgian consul-general, where Charles Michel presented them with medals for exceptional bravery. The third member of the trio, soldier Alex Skarlatos, was unable to attend the ceremony due to the shooting at Oregon University, his home state.

“What you have done for our country will always be in our hearts. You saved the lives of many of our countrymen. Belgium is very grateful to you”, the Prime Minister told them. The two Americans said they were delighted with the medals.

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alex Skarlatos were on holiday in Europe when they disarmed Ayoub El Khazzani. They were travelling on a Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris on the 21st of August last year. The 26 year old Moroccan had just opened fire on board it, injuring three people. The heavily armed man had boarded a TGV at Brussels station. He was charged with attempted murder during a terrorist attack in France.

(Source: Belga)

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