Woman found dead in police custody in Brussels

Woman found dead in police custody in Brussels
Credit: Belga / Paul-Henri Verlooy

A woman was found dead in a cell of a Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police detention centre on Thursday morning, Le Soir reports on Saturday. The case has been confirmed by the police, who have said they will make no further comment at this time.

At present, the circumstances of the arrest and detention remain very unclear. The Public Prosecutor's Office has confirmed the death and stated that an investigation had been opened. "The Public Prosecutor's Office has been notified and has ordered the initial investigation."

Authorities confirmed that a magistrate, the federal police lab and the forensic doctor attended the scene to carry out an autopsy while specifying that "according to the initial investigation, the death could correspond to a suicide."

According to our information, the victim was arrested on Wednesday night in the Châtelain district of Ixelles. She was a woman in her forties, working in the Brussels non-profit sector.

Not the first death in custody

Le Soir also reports that this is the third time in two years that a death has occurred in a call of the same police station, who is under the responsibility of the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles.

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In January and December 2021, two young Algerians without residence permits were found dead in circumstances that are still unclear today. Both cases are under judicial investigation.

In the case of the first death, which concerned a 29-year-old man named Ilyes Abeddou, the initial investigation carried out and the analysis of the available camera images revealed that it had taken 9 hours from the time of death to the time of its discovery by the police.

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