Climate change: green campaigners pull their pants down

Climate change: green campaigners pull their pants down

Approximately 60 activists from the climate coalition and from Climate Express gathered for the Flanders government cabinet meeting with their trousers down on Friday morning. “This is meant as a clear warning from the civil society: if the cabinet does not come to an agreement now, they will be shamed in Paris,” according to the organisers.

“This movement aims to point out very graphically how shameful our country’s position is,” explains Joeri Thijs, from Greenpeace. “We have been negotiating for 6 years” on the sharing of efforts in the fight against climate change.

Ministers announced they had reached an agreement last Saturday, but they were only talking about a proposal for a resolution. The Flemish government hopes to make a decision on this proposal on Friday.

“We have a good team of negotiators with excellent reputations. We are used to compromise which helps us work with southern regions. But the credibility of our negotiators rests in large part on how the whole country deals with the issue,” he adds. Campaigners hope to send 10,000 people to Paris for a large climate march on November 29th before the Climate Conference (COP21) takes place in the French capital in December.

(Source: Belga)

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