Belgians in Syria – two mosques searched and three people arrested

Searches have been made in two mosques, including the Farciennes mosque in the Hainaut province. The searches were carried out in connection with the possible terrorism case of two youths who attempted to travel to Syria to fight. Three people who allegedly radicalised the youths and helped them plan their journey have been arrested.

According to information provided by RTL-TVI and confirmed by the Federal Prosecution Service, three arrest warrants for participation in a terrorist organisation last October 26th and 28th are currently pending. The suspects allegedly encouraged two young Turkish youths to go fight in Syria. The youths have since been located by their families. One of the suspects appears to be very clearly responsible for their radicalisation, and the other two suspects allegedly facilitated their journey to Syria.

Searches were also conducted of 2 mosques, including the Assakina mosque in Farciennes. The Federal Prosecution Service believe the mosques were involved in the radicalisation of the youths. Maître Fabian Lauvaux, counsel for the Assakina mosque, denies the mosque leaders were in any way involved in terrorist circles. “My  clients were questioned in the context of this investigation and released without charge,” he pointed out.

(Source: Belga)

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