IS probably preparing more attacks

IS probably preparing more attacks

Islamic State (IS) is probably getting ready for more attacks similar to the ones in Paris, reckoned Director of the CIA John Brennan in Washington.“
I do not think this was the sole operation IS” is preparing, “I am quite sure” these attacks were not “an isolated event,” said the head of the American intelligence agency to a think tank in Washington.

IS “is not confining its murderous activities to Iraq or Syria and to just setting up branches in the Middle-East, in South-East Asia, and in Africa; it has put in place an international operational programme which it is implementing to deadly effect,” said Mr. Brennan. “Security and intelligence services are working day and night as I speak to find out what it is planning,” he said.

France and Europe in general can expect more attacks, said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Monday, adding that over 150 house searches have taken place in Islamic communities in France since the Paris attacks which killed 132.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday that Friday’s attacks in Paris “could just as well have taken place” in the UK. Indeed, seven attacks have been foiled in the UK over the “last six months.

Five of the suicide bombers who attacked Paris have been identified. Ten of the suspects’ relatives are being questioned and vast police operations are under way in France and in Belgium.

(Source: Belga)

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