Theo Francken tackles illegal delinquents once again

Theo Francken tackles illegal delinquents once again

Sudpresse’s titles reported on Monday that Theo Francken (N-VA), Secretary of State for Asylum, has announced the launch of “Operation Gaudi” between December 3rd and 5th. This action, which runs until January 31st, 2016, aims at delinquents in an irregular situation who commit minor crimes mostly in the main shopping streets and Shopping Centres.

Theo Francken announced in the columns of Sudpresse: "The results of the previous operations have shown a lower downward trend for store theft compared to pickpocketing. I understand that people who are self-employed feel a sense of impunity for these misdeeds and I want the third Operation Gaudi to provide them with a response". The two previous operations had led to 1062 administrative arrests. 

(Source: Belga)

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