100-year-old Belgian becomes unexpected TikTok star

100-year-old Belgian becomes unexpected TikTok star
Credit: @wzc_Zevenbronnen /The Brussels Times

A Flemish centenarian has become an unlikely hit on the short-video social media platform TikTok. Alice Trossard, resident of the Zevenbronnen care home in Walshoutem in Flanders is the oldest Tiktok star in the county, after posting a succession of viral videos of her dancing from her care facility, Het Laatste Nieuws reports.

One video posted to the platform from the care home's account (@wzc_Zevenbronnen) has already been viewed by more than 5 million users internationally, collecting 389,000 likes and over 12,000 comments. In the clip, Trossard dances alongside two of her friends, dressed in colourful floral fabric robes. Trossard can hardly believe her success, with the video having been shared 58,000 times globally.

Yesterday, Trossard turned 100. As an up-and-coming TikTok star, her care home threw a big party to commemorate the occasion. In a video posted to her account, she celebrates with fellow residents, confetti cannons, and Cava, Trossard’s favourite drink.

@wzczevenbronnen Onze ochtendroutine? 🤪🥰 #ouderenzorg #plezier #ochtendroutine #doeeensgek #lachenisgezond ♬ original sound - Tex

“It’s true! The older, the madder,” she joked. The Zevenbronnen care staff have also reacted positively to the centenarian’s newfound success. “She really can still do a lot of things herself and her memory is not at all lacking,” said Carol, one of her care workers.

Not all smooth sailing

Despite the success, Trossard remains humble. She says that there is no secret behind her success. During her long life, Trossard confides that she has been through a lot already and always rises to the challenge.

“I actually never could have imagined that I would ever reach (this) birthday. I’ve been through so much already,” she said. Trossard has not had an easy life, losing a child at a very young age.

“I had to give up our eldest son at 15- leukaemia. Losing your child, that’s the worst thing that can happen to you as a parent. Our lives came to a standstill. Yet you have to move on. But not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. 21 years ago I lost my husband… Today we are not going to grieve. Wherever they may be, my son and my husband, they are definitely celebrating today,” she said defiantly.

An active mind

100 years of life is certainly a milestone. Her son, Stan, who is now aged 77-years-old, surprised his mother with a bouquet of flowers for the occasion, along with a hug. He credits travel with her longevity.

“She worked as a manager at the cafeteria of the Ministry of Transport in Brussels. My father Theo first worked as a pointsman on the railways and was later transferred to the same ministry. Workers there could travel for free throughout Europe. Even the boat to Dover and Canada was free for them. Do you think many of those people stayed at home?” Stan joked.

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Even in old age, as travel became more difficult, Trossard kept active. “Politics did not interest her at all, yet she had a membership car for every party,” Stan joked. “Not for politics, that is, but for the excursions, they organise for their members.”

Trossard wasn’t a football fan either, but that didn’t stop her from checking up on her great-nephew Leandro, a professional football player who recently moved to London-based football club Arsenal, as well as having played for the Belgian national football team at the Qatar World Cup.

“Just give my mother her daily glass of cava and some people around her. Then she’ll be content,” her son Stan concluded.

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