European Film Awards 2015 – Sylvie Olivé leaves with the décor prize for “The new New Testament”

Sylvie Olivé won the décor prize for “The new New Testament” by Jaco Van Dormael. This was no surprise, as the winner of this category had been announced by the jury in October.

Sylvie Olivé, visibly moved, thanked her “lucky star” Jaco Van Dormael, for the lovely adventure.

“The new New Testament” is also up for Oscars and Golden Globes, in the “Best foreign film” category. It has also been nominated for the “European comedy” award in Berlin, which will be awarded out during the evening. It is up against Swedish film “A pigeon perched on a branch philosophizing on existence” and French film “The Belier family”, which stars Belgian actor François Damiens.

“The new New Testament” features God, who is lives in Brussels and is horrible to his wife and daughter. To get her revenge, the latter goes on a quest to find six apostles to write the new New Testament.

(Source: Belga)

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