Record temperatures this Thursday 17 December

Record temperatures this Thursday 17 December

The temperature has never been this high since meterologique measures started. With 16 degrees Celsius the new record completely broke the previous one which was set in 1987 and recorded 13,1 degrees Celsius, indicates David Dehenaux from the Royal Meterologic Institute of Belgium (RMI).

Today was also the second warmest day that had ever been recorded for a December day according to RMI. The maximum was on December 16 1989 in Uccle, measuring 16,7 degrees.

Normally  for this period, the temperature should be around 6 degrees Celsius. Today’s warm weather is due to warm air that is transported from the subtropical region around the Azores, according to David Dehenauw. The warm weather will probably prevail with superior temperatures than normal for the festive holiday period. 

(Source: Belga)

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